The one on the left is mutton dressed as lamb — I’m sorry, if you’re older than 11? No puffed sleeves for you. (Also: not-so-young lady, where are your gloves?) however the one on the right? Wonderful. I like the narrow shoulders, the square neck, as well as the shirring as well as lingerie details at the bust. And, of course, the full skirt with at least one pocket.

It’s at — click on the picture to inspect it out. (There are much more pictures, too.) Sadly, this pattern is a vintage size 12 — which implies a 30 inch bust. even sadder, the browse is either damaged or extremely very bad, since there’s no method to browse by size, as well as the interface is not what you’d phone call intuitive. however hey — you have to dig if you want diamonds, right?

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