how long have you been in business?Specialist Auctions vintage section opened in June of 2006 but the site itself opened late in 2005.

What motivated you to go into the vintage and pattern auction business? We had a request from Margaret Bolger of Artizania to open a vintage and antique clothing section. In December of 2006 our current moderator, Margaret Leyden, joined us as a seller and co-moderator of the vintage and Antique clothing section and is the moderator at this time and a member of the vintage fashion Guild.

Where are you based? specialist Auctions is based in the UK but we are genuinely an international site with a lot more than 50% of our sellers based in the U.S. We have vintage clothing, vintage textiles and vintage pattern sellers from Lapland, the UK, Peru and the US.

what’s the weirdest/best/craziest/most stunning thing you’ve ever found?There are so lots of stunning things at specialist Auctions vintage it would be a sin to pick just one so I’ll give you four:this zebra hostess gown from Wyoming Vintagethis 1936 home sewing magazine from Memories past this champagne satin party dress from alley Cats Vintagethis popover duster dress pattern from Henrietta’s Pearl Buttonand, from our newest vintage pattern store, this charming vintage jacket pattern from RetroMonde vintage Patterns

What do you wish someone would ask you about your site?How did we have the nerve to set the site up in the first place ?

It’s a good day at work when … We have new sellers come on board and enjoy them have success with selling their items. It’s also terrific to see buyers come on board and be pleased with their purchases and the service they receive.

The pattern at the top of this post is also from RetroMonde …

If this wasn’t enough specialist Auction action for you, check out Marge’s blog, where she’s been profiling SA sellers all week, in slideshows.

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