As the weather is getting cooler and the air is getting dryer, I thought now might be a great time to talk about hair masks. I really got into them while pregnant with my second son — my skin was super dry, and my hair seemed to be too — so these are all ones that I’ve bought and tried myself.
(In case it matters, I tend to have fairly fine hair, but a ton of it — and it’s getting curlier each year. It also gets more dry each year, also — handy for making a blowout last for days.)
2022 Mini-Update — many of the masks I mention here are still available; I’ve also thrown in a few of the other best-selling masks to consider in this slider. another reader favorite: this heated cap to really help your masks absorb!

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Pantene Pro-V expert Collection AgeDefy Rejuvenating Hydration Hair Masque. I bought this one on a whim while trying to get to free shipping somewhere ( or, most likely) and I’ve been happy with it.
It takes much less time than the Burt’s Bees one (3 minutes versus 15-30), and when rinsing it out, my hair feels noticeably different than the others — softer somehow? It’s hard to put my finger on what is different, but I do like this one. 2020 Update: this was sold out for a while but seems to be back!
Moroccan Oil intense Hydrating Mask. I liked this one fine, but it does seem better suited for a salon — you put it on and let it sit for 30 minutes AFTER you shampoo, which strikes me as strange after liking the Burts’ Bees one for so long. It’s $32.49 at Amazon.
Other options I’ve tried for deep conditioning treatments: Aussie’s 3-minute miracle (not bad for the price), or Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner (nice and thick — and while it’s pricey, my 10 oz bottle is lasting forever). When I was really young (and doing swim team) I loved V05 hot Oil treatments – I may try those again soon.
(Psst: here’s a link to our last discussion of winter hair care for curlies — women with all hair types, do you do anything else different as the weather starts to get colder?)
Readers, do you have any favorite hair masks or treatments that you do at home? anyone want to demystify some of the “recipes” you see out there (avocado! olive oil! coconut oil! egg! lemon! I’ve been intrigued but have not yet researched.)

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