This is what Glinda, the great Witch, uses as a hostess gown.

Actually, I discover it strangely appealing, with an emphasis on the “strange”. For instance, the collar is a bit stylish for plunging bespangled gauze. as well as somehow this gown really repels breasts. (Which always makes me believe — why can’t they put this innovation into a goddamn sports bra, already?) as well as the sleeves, which were torn, birds-helping-Cinderella-style, from a *different* gown as well as tacked on at the last minute. I’m glad her evil stepsisters were temporarily distracted as well as she handled to get down the runway with them intact.

So I’m believing this is the reverse of the popular Go Fug yourself “scrolldown wtf?”, in that I truly such as this gown from the ribbon down. It would be charming with a sweetheart-neckline, cap-sleeve bodice. You know, with the edges of the lace prolonging beyond the bodice lining to frame the decolletage. You might even keep the embellishment if you wanted.

Oh, wait, now I understand what this reminds me of! Did any individual else have those pink “Fashion Plates” that I had as a bit girl, where you might mix as well as match tops as well as bottoms, do rubbings from them, as well as then color the rubbings? absolutely 1970s — I believe even the bathing fit had a cowl neck. Unsurprisingly, I spent hours playing with them. This is what you got when you mixed the tennis top with the ballgown skirt. It didn’t work for me then, as well as it doesn’t work right here now …

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