The extremely ordinariness of this pattern makes it special. So many patterns have Pictures! Of Exciting! Glamour! And! Hilarity! that discovering one where the lady seems to be waiting on her hubby to settle Saturday afternoon’s golf foursome to ensure that they can get back in time to run the babysitter house is somehow more of a coup. 

I hear her inner monologue as something like:

“Did I take the laundry in off the line? It appeared like rain. I have to phone call Joanie’s orthodonist tomorrow as well as reschedule her appointment. I bet I have spinach in my teeth; much better keep my mouth closed up until I can get to the bathroom. What’s taking Angela so long in there? Oh, dear, Ted truly is losing his hair, however I’ll let his mom bring that up. I should ask Sheila for the recipe those stuffed mushroom canapés … I bet it’s packaged salad dressing, that sauce. Someone’s going to have to drive Keith house again; we should leave or else it will be us. perhaps I’ll grab one more one of those mushrooms before we go. ”

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