glamour kills is an American brand by Marc Capicotto.The brand has continuously impressed me with their releases but they also have been in the past pretty easy to pigeonhole.Glamour kills does have a small selection of tees with a stunning all over prints that we find to be quite wearable.The style can usually be pummed up into a category of loud obnoxious colors.Their simple logo tees aren’t bad either(look after flying pig).
Glamour killsWe also love glamour kills because of their great quality,100% certain glamour kills uses American Apparel.That all being said ,i have been very impressed by their designs and i would advice you to check them out if you are a scene kid,but even if u are not,there should be one of two t shirts that suit your fancy.
It all started with glamour Kills’ signature flying pig though. mark explains, “The first shirt was called, ‘When Pigs Fly.’ To me, that phrase means that anything can happen, and that’s what I base my life and the company around. I simply wanted to put my art on shirts, and it was a bonus offer that people bought them.”
Glamour kills clothing is probably one of the most recognizable brands in the music scene.Everyone knows and loves those bright colors and bold designs.He draws a lot of inspiration from everyday things,music and pop culture in general fascinates him.
glamourteesglamourteesglamourteesglamourteesGlamour kills weaves together threads of culture. Their t-shirts, hoodies, bathing suits and denim combine a rock n’ roll edge with a chic modernism. Their aesthetic is fashionable, but still underground. It’s palatable, but still edgy. It’s vibrant, but subtle. It’s the future of youth lifestyle brands; it’s glamour Kills.

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